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Swiss Army Man
The Messenger
The Day After Tomorrow
Max Rose
Junction 48
the dinner
 A passion for storytelling fuels Lawrence’s career from early days at Ron Howard’s and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment through his rise to Creative Executive to Co-President of the Mark Gordon Company.
It was during his tenure as President of Lightstream Entertainment where he first began development on Max Rose, which he also produced.
Lawrence has also produced The Messenger which was nominated for two Oscars

Lawrence Inglee

The King's Daughter
Star Wars: II & III
Pirates of the Caribbean
Chronicles of Narnia
Peter Pan
ET: the Extra-Terrestrarial
After graduating with a degree in Visual Arts from Auburn University in 1987 ,Jamy turned his talents towards computer animation.
In 1996, he was hired by ILM to work on commercials as a technical director and character animator. In 2000, Jamy became a member of ILM’s feature production team, where he was a lead animator responsible for the character development and performances of Yoda for the Star Wars prequels and Davy Jones for the Pirates of the Caribbean films.As President and Animation Director, he leads the team as they continue to bring great characters to life for commercials, television, and feature films.

Jamy Wheless

The King's Daughter
The Greatest Showman
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Perfect Storm
Men In Black II
Chronicles of Narnia
Pearl Harbour
John graduated from Oregon State University where he studied Engineering and Art. He has worked as a Graphic Designer and Senior Artist on broadcast graphics and commercials. John joined ILM in 1996 as a technical director, specializing in shading, lighting and compositing. At Lightstream Animation Studios John serves in overseeing the look & lighting department, development of proprietary software, and the pipeline of the studio. 

John Helms

Max Rose
The Moon & the Sun
Garrett Kelleher first became involved in the motion picture industry with The Passion of the Christ.
Kelleher has served as Chairman of Lightstream Entertainment since 2006. Kelleher is also the owner and Chairman of the Irish football club St. Patrick’s Athletic .

Garrett Kelleher

Max Rose
Lorcan  attended Northwestern University and University College Dublin. Lorcan interned with Lightstream in 2009.
Lorcan  produced SAVASANA, which premiered at Slamdance Film Festival in 2016, played at Fantastic Fest and Maryland Film Festival and received a Vimeo Staff pick.
Lorcan is  manages the day to day operations of  Lightstream Entertainment

Lorcan Kelleher

Back to the Future Part I, II & III
Max Rose
Star Trek: Nemesis
Lethal Weapon II
Michael has served as a production (unit) publicist on over 50 feature films, ranging from micro-budget independent to studio franchises. Klastorin came to Lightstream as the production publicist for Rampart, and served in the same capacity on Max Rose.
He also spent several years as the Vice President of Production for Silver Pictures

Michael Klastorin

Hacksaw Ridge
Bleeding Steel
Lego Ninjago Movie
One Perfect Day
Max Rose
The Moon & the Sun
A native of Melbourne, Paul Currie attended the Melbourne Institute of Technology and graduated with a degree in Applied Science. Paulworked his way up through the Australian film industry In 2003, Currie and partner Charles Morton founded Lightstream Entertainment as a film and theatre production company,. Two years later, Currie expanded and relocated the Lightstream operation in Los Angeles, where they began to acquire commercial film properties. 

Paul Currie

The Peanut Butter Falcon
A Hologram for the King
The Ticket
Price of Desire
Max Rose
Matthew is a Detroit Film Producer who graduated from Villanova University magnum cum laude with a Bachelor's in Philosophy. He studied for four years in seminary earning a master's degree in Philosophy and was sent to the Pontifical North American College at the Vatican.  Matthew has worked with some of the  most well regarded figures in the Entertainment Industry including Martin Scorsese , Tom Hanks, Adam Driver, Robert De Niro, and Liam Neeson to name a few. Matthew has premiered films at Toronto and Tribecca .

Matthew J Malek

Stuck on You
Fever Pitch
Paul Palandjian is a member of SAG-AFTRA and serves as a consultant and creative advisor to Lightstream. 
Previously, Mr. Palandjian was the principal and creative force behind internationally recognized development projects known for their Architecture and Design:  These included the Nine Zero Hotel in Boston winner of Conde Nast Traveler “Best by Design Hotel, United States" 
and Woodstock Farm (Woodstock, VT) – which won the Architectural Record “Record House Award”.  He served on the Board and was a Founding Patron for the new Institute of Contemporary Art – Boston where he was also a member of the Collection Committee.  Paul is a former Harvard Captain and world-ranked tennis player on the ATP Tour. He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University.

Paul Palandjian