Lightstream Entertainment is a privately funded independent film company and animation studio, conceived to develop and produce high quality motion pictures appealing to a wide variety of filmgoers.  It was a mutual love of film that led the principals to create the company, rooted in the firm belief that quality writing, performance, and solid production values result in some of the most lasting and vital films.


First and foremost, we believe in the power of story. Great stories have the power to heal, the power to liberate, the power to illuminate, the power to educate, and the power to entertain, and create real and lasting joy.  They are the lifeblood of our shared human condition, and we are proud servants of the story.


Over the years, advancements of technology have provided us with new and amazing tools to help facilitate us in our goals.  But we fully recognize that the technology and special effects it engenders, are empty displays of flash and extravagance, if not utilized in the pursuit of our heartfelt vision.


Likewise, it is not the budget of the film that dictates the look and outcome of the final work.  Indeed, it is the story that informs us of what the budget needs to be.  We will never take on a project because it ‘fits’ into a dollar figure.  The budgets of our films have ranged from hundreds of thousands, to well over one hundred million, and everything in between.  We have no intention to stray from that model, or shy away from a story because of the potential cost.  If it’s a project worthy of offering to a global audience, we have found, and will continue to find the monies to bring it to fruition.


Small can be beautiful, but spectacle is nothing to shy away from.  The scale of our films are not determined by demographics, or genre, but rather by the scope and narrative path of the story we want to tell.


We operate under the philosophy that every great movie can find the perfect audience, and that timeless and universal themes will connect with audiences of all demographics.  From intimate, absorbing drama, to lighthearted comedy, to incredible flights of fantasy, there are a myriad of tales to be told.


At Lightstream, we make motion pictures.  The kind of films that make you remember why you began a lifelong love affair with the movies…